WooCommerce Joins Automattic

The announcement was made this week that WooCommerce has been acquired by Automattic, the company behind WordPress. This is great news for all WooCommerce and WordPress users as it means what is already the leading platforms in CMS and E-Commerce will now join forces and this promises an even better E-Commerce platform built on the leading CMS platform on the web.

The stats speak for themselves –

WordPress – see the WordPress downloads live counter for the number of times the current WordPress version has been downloaded – at the time of writing the number was a staggering 15, 813, 028 for WordPress 4.2.

WordPress today powers around 20% of the web, Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg made the statement that WooCommerce joining Automattic is a big step moving towards 51%.

WooCommerce – By far the leading WordPress E-Commerce plugin, WooCommerce has over 6 million downloads and over a million active installs. More info on WooCommerce available on the WordPress E-Commerce WordPress website service page.

What would the practical implications of this be for online shop owners already using WooCommerce? It would seem that WooCommerce will not be re-branded and would not be undergoing any major changes either, what could be expected is an even better, all rounded product with the expertise and experience of the WooThemes team now being integrated into the market leading development team behind WordPress, Automattic – which all bodes well for a profitable, secure future for your online shop.