Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

WordPress Website Maintenance service ensuring the health, security and ever improving performance of your WordPress website.

WordPress Website Maintenance is a professional service that consists of performing regular maintenance tasks on your WordPress website to keep it running smoothly and give you peace of mind knowing that you can focus on your business and not worry about the health of your WordPress website.

A WordPress website is a system of many different parts and like with a car that is used daily it needs to be serviced regularly to keep it in pristine working condition.

The WordPress Codex contains two excellent articles on WordPress Website Maintenance:

With WordPress being user friendly and with the wealth of supporting documentation available on WordPress Website Maintenance you should consider maintaining your website by yourself.

This might even be encouraged if you have the spare time as it would give you a broader understanding of the ins and outs of WordPress; but for most business owners maintaining their WordPress website is a task that would best be delegated to someone else as their time would be more effectively spent on their business itself.

This is where I can be of service – with years of experience in WordPress maintaining WordPress websites is something I do on a daily basis and am able to offer a WordPress Website Maintenance Service to you that will be cost effective and beneficial to your business.

WordPress Website Maintenance Service

The WordPress Website Maintenance service consists of the following maintenance tasks:

Updating WordPress Core

WordPress is renowned for frequent updates to its core system and is ever improving – to take advantage of this feature your WordPress website needs to be updated regularly in order to be party to new and improved features. Your website will be backed up before upgrading and tested afterwards to ensure everything went well.

Updating WordPress Theme and Plugins

WordPress Themes and Plugins are also updated regularly depending on the Theme and Plugin developer(s). Your active Theme and Plugins will be monitored and when an update becomes available will be updated to the latest available version. Your website will also be backed up before upgrading and tested afterwards.


Your website will be backed up regularly in its entirety, including all files as well as the database. Your website content will also be exported as xml during the backup. This will ensure ultimate safe keeping of your website that should anything go wrong at any time there will be a recent back up to roll back to and restore your website to immediately.


WordPress Security is a vital process as your WordPress website is an important business asset to you and in today’s world of hackers and malware additional measures to protect it and keep the system and its data safe should never be neglected. As part of this WordPress Website Maintenance service the security of your website will be monitored and improved upon to ensure it has no entry points for hackers and remains malware free.


An important part of this service is the WordPress Website Maintenance Report. During the month all maintenance concerns will be logged and a record kept of all updates and maintenance tasks performed. At the end of the month you will receive the report to keep you up to date regarding the health of your WordPress website.

WordPress Website Maintenance when performed regularly and correctly can vastly improve your WordPress website performance and guarantee its health as well as security. If done regularly it is not a major task and for a WordPress Professional something that comes naturally with years of WordPress experience.

If you are interested in the WordPress Website Maintenance service you can contact me using the contact form.