Web Design

Web Design

Bespoke WordPress Web Design Service – professional assistance with creating your WordPress website.

WordPress Web Design is my flagship WordPress website service and can be seen as an all encompassing option when you want professional assistance with the creation process of your WordPress website.

Your WordPress website is in effect your business’ home on the web and just like your business’ real world home you would want it built by a professional with years of experience, creative ideas and a passion for the craft that is WordPress Web Design.

A thorough understanding of your business model is critical in the development process of your WordPress website and for this clear, open and effective communication is of vital importance.

Your website needs to achieve the business goals you have for it and market your business successfully, sell your products profitably and succeed in all other business requirements which will be defined and striven for during the creation of your WordPress website.

WordPress Web Design Creation Process

The WordPress web design creation process typically follows the following steps:


The first step in the WordPress web design process is for the developer to familiarize with the clients’ business – the business model, basic philosophies and vision and how it should translate into the website.


The next step that goes hand in hand with the first would be to define the goals of the website, i.e. what purpose will it serve, what functionality would be required, its target market, and how it will compliment your business model on the web.


This step is where your website will be conceptualized and the process of communicating your business branding and message set to life – this is where you will get the first glimpse of your new website! A clear representation of your new website will be presented to you on which you then will have the chance to comment on and suggest refinements in order to have a design that you are happy with and that successfully portrays your vision – this will leave us with the blueprint required for your new home on the web.


WordPress website development is the process of building your website using the WordPress CMS platform as base and then extending it using the design from the previous step as the all important blueprint. This is where the gloves come off and the developer gets knee deep into code, too much caffeine and all things WordPress, Php, MySql, Jquery, CSS and Html – the building blocks of your new WordPress website. A high standard of programming principles are kept which includes clean, accessible and effective code, Search Engine friendly practices and religious adherence to WordPress standards.


During development and especially when website reaches beta stage (when all functionality have been completed) rigorous testing is performed while keeping the website target market and typical website user profile in mind in order to simulate the real world experience accurately. This is an essential step in ensuring your website is bug free and meets the goals set out for it competently while being user friendly and accessible to the full spectrum of potential website users.

Demonstration or “Soft Launch”

This is where your completed website will be demonstrated to you on a demo server in order to give you the opportunity to comment on it and approve when you are happy that is satisfies the design blueprint set out earlier in the website creation process.


When your new WordPress website has been approved by you the deployment consists of setting up the website on your live domain and performing all the required steps to announce your new website to the major search engines as well as promoting the website with additional services like Google Adsense.

Constant evaluation and improvement

When your website has been launched it will be monitored and evaluated constantly using Google Analytics among other tools in order to make sure it is delivering and performing as it should, achieving the goals defined for it and realizing its design blueprint.

WordPress web design is a rewarding process and I would welcome the opportunity to assist you in the creation of your new WordPress website as well as answer any questions you might have regarding the creation process – you can contact me using the contact form.