Professional WordPress Security service to protect and secure the integrity of your WordPress website.

WordPress Security is the process of protecting the privacy, integrity and availability of the resources contained in your WordPress website by securing the WordPress platform against hackers and keeping it malware free.

Your WordPress website is an important and valuable asset to your business and this includes the time and money you have spent on developing it and to leave it vulnerable to attacks from hackers and risking its integrity by allowing malware to infect it can be a costly mistake.

The WordPress Codex provides essential information on WordPress Security in an excellent article on Hardening WordPress which would benefit any WordPress website owner reading it through.

There is also a WordPress Security FAQ in the WordPress Codex that contains additional information on WordPress Security.

WordPress Security is another excellent article on this topic by from the Yoast team.

The most essential steps in securing your WordPress website can be listed as follows:

WordPress Security Essentials

Regular Updates

Keeping your WordPress core as well as active theme and plugins up to date would ensure your WordPress website has all the latest security fixes. When WordPress releases a new version the change log that lists all changes in the update will contain information on any security fixes, and this information can be used by hackers to attack WordPress websites that have not been updated to the version that contains the security fix making regular WordPress core updates critical to ensuring WordPress Security.

Admin Usernames and Passwords

Give some thought to your Admin username and password – never use an easy to remember username like “admin” nor a simple password like “12345” as these will be no match for any hacker using a simple brute force attack script to gain entry to your WordPress admin dashboard.


Regular backups of your WordPress website will ensure that should your website be compromised by a hacker or malware it can safely be restored to a previous point in time when the integrity was still intact.

WordPress Security Plugins

There exists a multitude of WordPress Security Plugins which are purpose built to protect your WordPress website, the most popular and effective being:

These plugins offers overlapping features and each may be best suited to specific WordPress websites while any of them will be a great addition to your WordPress plugin collection.

As with all things technical regarding your WordPress website you might prefer acquiring the services of a WordPress Professional when it comes to WordPress Security and with years of WordPress experience I can assist you in securing your WordPress website.

If you have any questions regarding WordPress Security or would like me to assist you with your WordPress Security do contact me using the contact form.