Professional WordPress E-Commerce Service for a profitable WordPress Online Store.

WordPress E-Commerce is when a WordPress website is used to trade in products or services over the internet and utilizes functionality such as a product catalogue, online payment and shopping cart to name a few.

WordPress is the market leading CMS platform and powers close to 20% of all websites on the web and one of its main claims to fame is its extendability via a multitude of ready made custom plugins that can enhance your website functionality in a specific way.

According to Wikipedia E-Commerce has its historical beginning around 1972 with a sale between some ingenious Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory students and some other ingenious Massachusetts Institute of Technology students using the Arpanet.

For an idea of how E-Commerce has grown since then Statista.com states that in 2014 the annual revenue figure of e-commerce & online auctions in the United States was no less than 298 billion U.S. dollars.

It is a logical development from this that there exists a multitude of WordPress E-Commerce plugins to turn your website into a fully featured and profitable online store.

WordPress E-Commerce Plugins

The top 5 WordPress E-Commerce plugins in most reviews on the web can be listed as follows:


This is my personal recommendation for WordPress E-Commerce and will be elaborated on in detail below – feel free to read the descriptions for the others but if you are in a hurry it is my belief that you can safely ignore the rest as WooCommerce is the best…


This is a fork of WooCommerce meaning at some point it was WooCommerce but apparently the developers had a few disagreements and split up, with one side becoming Jigoshop. Similar to WooCommerce then but in my opinion it can never be as good as the original.

WP e-Commerce

This was the initial leader of the pack regarding WordPress E-Commerce plugins but has fallen behind WooCommerce in recent years and it unfortunately requires a $99 Gold Cart extension to take full advantage of basic features like multiple product images.


A solid E-Commerce plugin with some unique out of the box features like Google Checkout makes it a viable E-Commerce option – the main detracting factor being that basic support is $75 a year and it simply can’t compete with WooCommerce when it comes to the amount of extensions and themes available for it.


At $25 per month Cart66 is not ideal when you are starting out as online merchant – its main draw card being its unique cloud hosted checkout service, meaning you won’t need to implement PCI compliance or SSL certificates when dealing with credit card payments. This is a great feature but not essential as most payment methods use a payment gateway where the transaction takes place on the payment gateway website and thus PCI compliance and SSL certificated is not required in any event.


The leading WordPress E-Commerce plugin. Over 6 million downloads, powering 24% off all E-Commerce websites.

For independent statistics on this, please see the article WooCommerce Leads Ecommerce Platform Pack in April 2014 from PracticalEcommerce in which statistics from BuiltWith is used to show that not only has WooCommerce taken the lead when it comes to WordPress E-Commerce plugins, it has even surpassed the E-Commerce specific platform Magento.

What makes WooCommerce stand out from the WordPress E-Commerce plugin crowd?

In my opinion the main reason for the popularity of WooCommerce is also the main reason for the popularity of WordPress and it is precisely that – their popularity – meaning they have a large base of developers working on them which translates into more extensions, more frequent updates, better support and documentation – they both have been snow balling away from their competitors for some time now.

Of course this popularity is earned and would not exist without valid reasons of which there are plenty – as WooCommerce has focus some of its best features and functionality are as follows:


  • It’s free
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Sell anything
  • Easy to use
  • Extendable via multitude of existing plugins
  • Excellent support from WooThemes


  • Product Catalogue
  • Shopping cart
  • Online Payments
  • Shipping
  • Reporting
  • Marketing
  • Tax

It also provides a free collection of themes and extensions, most notably the Storefront theme and the Payfast payment gateway extension which will allow you to sell in South African Rands.

As mentioned before there also exists a multitude of ready made premium themes and extensions which provides an affordable and fast method of extending your online store capabilities.

WooCommerce also has the best API available for all WordPress E-Commerce plugins meaning it is easily customizable for a WordPress WooCommerce developer should there be specific functionality you require for your online store that is not available via the collection of ready made WooCommerce extensions.

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