Html to WordPress

Html to WordPress

Professional service to convert your static html website to dynamic WordPress CMS.

Html to WordPress conversion can be described as a service where a website in html or “static” form is converted into a WordPress CMS website which includes development of a WordPress theme from your current website look and feel.

Wikipedia defines a static website as follows:

A static web page (sometimes called a flat page/stationary page) is a web page that is delivered to the user exactly as stored, in contrast to dynamic web pages which are generated by a web application.

This means that when the website content needs to be edited the physical html files needs to be edited inside a text editor, while using an ftp program to retrieve and save the html files from and to the web server.

Dynamic web pages are when there are some logical code that executes on the server (server side script) when the page is requested from the server and before the page is rendered. This logical code might be:

  • An if statement with two possible html content pieces to choose from depending on some condition e.g. a success or failure message, or
  • Retrieving data from the database using some search query, or
  • Something more straightforward like getting the current year for display in the copyright text in the footer.

After the code is executed it produces the dynamic html which is then rendered by the browser together with static html to produce the web page.

A dynamic web page does not necessarily mean the website is a content management system, a CMS is a type of dynamic website which allows the website content to be edited (add, edit, delete) from a password protected administration dashboard.

Having a CMS website has obvious advantages when it comes to updating website content – WordPress is the market leading CMS platform and is widely praised for its CMS capabilities, to name a few:

  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective and flexible
  • Supported by a world wide community of developers
  • WordPress is here to stay
  • Extendable via plugins
  • Solid SEO standards

Converting a website from html to WordPress is an easier process than you might think, as there already exists a website with a look and feel, layout and content the process of converting it to a WordPress CMS website is assisted in that many of the development tasks have already been completed.

Html to WordPress Conversion Process

The basic steps in the Html to WordPress conversion process would generally be as follows:

Evaluate your current website

Thoroughly go through all pages of your current website, noting all types of different content and functionality to be transferred to WordPress.

Install and configure WordPress CMS platform

Get all the basics of your new WordPress website going.

Migrate design

Develop a brand new WordPress theme using your current website template (look and feel, layout) as specification – during this process your existing template can be enhanced, a few changes applied or even redesigned if required. The new WordPress theme will be fully responsive and viewable on all devices (pc, tablet and mobile).

Import content

Copy all content from your existing website into the new WordPress website while creating specific page and post templates, widget areas and widgets, custom post types and functionality as required to deliver your static website into WordPress in its entirety while upgrading it into a fully CMS enabled WordPress website.

Review website

Your new WordPress website will be demonstrated to you on a demo server to give you the opportunity to comment on it and approve when you are happy with it.

Go live

After the new WordPress website has been approved by you it will be copied to your live server and installed and made live. Your old website files will be backed up for safe keeping. The major search engines will also be notified that your website has changed so they can send their website crawlers to re-index your new WordPress website.

You are welcome to ask any questions related to the Html to WordPress conversion service as well as request quotation to convert your static html website to WordPress CMS – you can contact me using the contact form.